Tuesday, November 8, 2016

2016 PMO Symposium

Today, I find myself in San Diego. I am here for an extended period of time as my granddaughter was born. So, yes I am a very happy grandma. But I diverge.

The Project Management Institute's (PMI) PMO Symposium is happening in San Diego. Actually, it is on Coronado Island. I attended the previous two Symposia but elected not to attend this year. The last two I attended did not provide the topics I would have expected.

Let me elaborate. The PMO Symposium is not really sure what it is. As the title suggests, it was started to showcase PMOs. However, as time has progressed, the acronym PMO does not have a clear definition. PMO may stand for Project Management Organization, Project Management Office, Program Management Ofice, Progam Management Organization, Program Management Office, Portfolio Management Office, Portfolio Management Organization, But the confusion goes even farther. PMOs can be at the enterprise, organization, program, project, or somewhere in between.

Where PMI misses with the PMO Symposium is that it no longer focused. PMI is trying to make the PMO Symposium cater to Portfolios and PMOs. By doing this PMI has watered down the Symposium. A better solution, continue the PMO Symposium with a clear charter and leave portfolio out of the mix as all it does is muddy the waters.

But, I also need to point to the positives of the PMO Symposium. Each year, PMI creates a series called the Pulse of the Profession which is introduced at the Symposium. These are wonderful series that I look forward to every year.

Also, the Symposium offers a wide variety of workshops, vendors, presentations and network opportunities.

My next blog will evaluate this year's Pulse of the Profession!

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